Quaderno News: Q2 2019

Quaderno News: Q2 2019

Why Quaderno News?

One of our core values is transparency. Another of our core values is “strive to improve.” We want to live these values with our teammates, our users, and anyone else out there who has an eye on Quaderno.

So here we have Quaderno News, an update about everything we’re working on, both inside and outside the app.

We publish Quaderno News every quarter, summarizing what we’ve accomplished in the last three months. Our hope is that these updates help you stay in the loop and learn new, awesome ways to work with (and within!) Quaderno.

Is there anything in particular you’re curious about? Let us know at hello@quaderno.io!

In-house upgrades

...and other sorts of app-keeping ;) These are improvements in the Quaderno app, meant to delight our users and keep businesses not only running smoothly, but growing quickly, too!

New Developer Hub

Lo and behold, our Developer Hub is live! What’s in the Quaderno Developer Hub? All the documentation you and your team need to build a custom integration with Quaderno. There you’ll find sections for Quaderno.js, Quaderno Checkout, Quaderno Billing, and the Quaderno API. And if you still have any questions, of course you can shoot us an email!

New threshold reports + notifications

You have an eye on every single tax threshold around the world, thanks to Quaderno’s threshold reports. The app tracks your sales in each country and measures how close you are to the tax registration thresholds. Just before your business hits the number, you get an instant notification from Quaderno. And if you ever want to view your status, just take a look at the brand new threshold reports.

taxes thresholds

Customize tax per product

Have a specific product that deserves a special tax rate? You can now configure that in your Quaderno settings! Then, every time that product is purchased, Quaderno will apply the special customized tax rate, overriding whatever generic tax rule applies to that country.

Rollin’ on Rails

Quaderno is officially running on Rails 5.2. What does this mean? Well, it means our service is up-to-date, fast, and nimble. So your account is always accurate at lightning speed.

Expanding the Quaderno network

The Quaderno Partners Program grew a lot in Q1. We have several new accounting partners in countries around the world. Take a look at the outstanding firms below. You just might find your next CPA!

TaxFyle Partnership

Are you selling in the US? Imagine if sales tax calculations, tax collection, AND tax returns could all be done automatically. With Quaderno + TaxFyle, it’s possible. Check out our partnership and see how tax returns are done for you.

Tax Support Partnership

For Greek businesses, the Quaderno and Tax Support partnership is a great solution. Athens-based Tax Support will handle everything for you, from payroll to VAT returns.

OnTheGo Partnership

There’s a lot happening in the UK. Between Brexit and Making Tax Digital, how can you keep up? OnTheGo is a British team of first-class accountants, who can lead your business through the changes. Rest assured that your business will always be tax-compliant in the UK!

That’s it! Thanks for checking out this edition of Quaderno News. We’ll be back next quarter with all the cool things we’ve been working on!

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