Quaderno News: Q3 2019

Quaderno News: Q3 2019

Why Quaderno News?

One of our core values is transparency. Another of our core values is “strive to improve.” We want to live these values with our teammates, our users, and anyone else out there who has an eye on Quaderno.

So here we have Quaderno News, an update about everything we’re working on, both inside and outside the app.

We publish Quaderno News every quarter, summarizing what we’ve accomplished in the last three months. Our hope is that these updates help you stay in the loop and learn new, awesome ways to work with (and within!) Quaderno.

Is there anything in particular you’re curious about? Let us know at hello@quaderno.io!

In-house upgrades 

...and other sorts of app-keeping ;) These are improvements in the Quaderno app, meant to delight our users and keep businesses not only running smoothly, but growing quickly, too!

New design for tax rate setup

Quaderno lets you customize tax rates per region, country, or product. Now setting up these tax rates is easier than ever, with a sleek new design. Simply configure the desired tax rates in your Quaderno settings!

New compliance with Amazon privacy rules

Personal data of Amazon transactions must be made anonymous after 30 days. So, Quaderno anonymizes the customer names and billing addresses on your Amazon invoices after 30 days. The rest of the invoice stays the same — invoice number, date, transaction amount, taxes, etc. You can still access these anonymized records within the Quaderno app. (Of course, the customer receives an invoice complete with their personal data, directly in their Amazon mailbox.)

We also store a monthly backup of your Amazon invoices, complete with the customers’ personal information. These records will be available in case you need the information for tax authorities. And if you do ever need them, simply shoot us an email at support@quaderno.io.

Customize tax rates and when they expire

In addition to customizing the tax percentage, you can also determine the lifetime of a certain tax rate. Does it need to expire in six months? No problem. You can configure it to do just that. Plus, Quaderno will save all historical tax rates in your records, in case you ever need to review them.

Create products automatically from our integrations

Now whatever you sell can automatically appear in your Quaderno account as a catalogued product, with all product data stored securely and enriching your Quaderno reports. When you make a sale through Stripe, your Shopify store, or any other platform you’ve connected to Quaderno, we automatically import all the product details (SKU, description, price, etc.) Subscriptions are imported as products, as well!

That’s it! Thanks for checking out this edition of Quaderno News. We’ll be back next quarter with all the cool things we’ve been working on!

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* At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or accountant.