Quaderno News: Q4 2018

Quaderno News: Q4 2018

Why Quaderno News?

One of our core values is transparency. Another of our core values is “strive to improve.” We want to live these values with our teammates, our users, and anyone else out there who has an eye on Quaderno.

So here we have Quaderno News, an update about everything we’re working on, both inside and outside the app.

We publish Quaderno News every quarter, summarizing what we’ve accomplished in the last three months. Our hope is that these updates help you stay in the loop and learn new, awesome ways to work with (and within!) Quaderno.

Is there anything in particular you’re curious about? Let us know at hello@quaderno.io!

In-house upgrades

...and other sorts of app-keeping ;) These are improvements in the Quaderno app, meant to delight our users and keep businesses not only running smoothly, but growing quickly, too!

EU Distance Selling report

Quaderno offers a brand new report for EU businesses who sell physical products! These EU sellers can now view their distance selling data in a beautiful report, categorized by the 28 member states. The EU Distance Selling report can be found in the Reports section of the app, along with expense reports, balance sheets, and breakdowns by product.

Customizable tax settings for any country

Do you sell multiple, different products? Products that fall in different tax categories? Well, now it's easier to tailor worldwide tax settings in your Quaderno account. You can define different tax rates per country for different transaction types, such as eService versus eBook.

Integration upgrades / Integration renovation

We’re proud to offer integrations with 20+ other services, and we’re always growing and perfecting these integrations. Here are all the new and improved ways Quaderno interacts with other apps and platforms!

PayPal expenses in Quaderno

All the expenses you pay with your PayPal account can now be imported into Quaderno. After a quick review and confirmation, your PayPal expenses are seamlessly integrated into your other expense reporting. And yes, Quaderno will track all of these automatically. :)

Expanding the Quaderno network

We’re always working to improve the lives of our customers, even outside the app. Here are the things happening out in the real world!

Stripe Partner program

We’re one of the first partners in Stripe’s new partner program! This official partnership ensures the Quaderno + Stripe integration stays top notch and cutting edge, informed by Stripe documentation and best practices. Are you a Stripe user? Give the Quaderno + Stripe integration a try!

That’s it! Thanks for checking out this edition of Quaderno News. We’ll be back next quarter with all the cool things we’ve been working on!

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