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Customer Stories

We like making things easier for businesses. That’s why we created Quaderno in the first place. Join thousands of businesses that use Quaderno!

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“Updating billing data is also easily done through Quaderno so there’s no need for a separate billing department within Marvel’s team.”

Murat Multu, Co-founder and Product Designer.

“The best thing about Quaderno is that it gets our data straight from the payment platforms, hence we have 90% of the work already done.”

Agus García, Chief Financial Officer.

“Quaderno tax feature are very valuable for us. As we grow, we are able to have more resources dedicated to control taxes, and Quaderno is very helpful.”

Ashley Sachs, Customer Support Manager.

“Quaderno has been proven quite useful and successful for us, since it provides a seamless administration of international sales.”

Nikos Fountas, Head of Operations.

“It's rare that I come across a SaaS product that just jumps out as where have you been all my life! If you need to automate VAT compliance, Quaderno will wow you. ”

Anthony Rose

“Minerstat is a SaaS platform for cryptocurrency mining farms. Technicians and mining managers can use our platform to remotely manage and monitor their on-site operation activity and ensure everything is operating as it should. Our customers are paying a fixed price per machine per month in a subscription-like business model.

When we were deciding for a proper invoicing platform the main factors were that the company is based in Europe, has responsive and tech-literate support staff, and flexible API support.

Quaderno has proven to have all of that. We are using Quaderno for almost two years and it has been a great help to us to assure proper issuance and taxation of our invoices and make the process fully automated.”

György Kiss

“When I started my company four years ago, I never thought how complex and painful all the sales tax / VAT legislative was when delivering digital services to customers online. We deliver state-of-the-art solutions for financial analyses & automated trading and we really wanted to focus on the product itself and our costumers. Luckily we found Quaderno, which was an exact match for us to outsource everything related to billing, taxes & VAT legislative just by integrating their Quanderno Checkout to our website. It integrates smoothly with Paypal & Stripe, the payment service providers we use. I wish they implemented Bitcoin payments support once in the future as well!

It is almost four years we use Quaderno and we are happy we do! We recommend it to anyone who prefers to focus on the real business leaving the billing & tax part to professionals.”

Karel Vávra

“We have been using Quaderno since the beginning of 2018 and have been absolutely satisfied with the service offered and the outstanding customer support.
Meanwhile, we use Quaderno and its Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Integration on several e-commerce sites.

With Quaderno we save ourselves the technical and organizational handling of individual tax rates and invoicing.

We can only recommend Quaderno to everyone who wants to save time, nerves and money.”

Florian Daugalies

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