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The only all-in-one WooCommerce tax plugin for sales tax, VAT and GST

Automatic tax calculation, reporting, alerts & documentation for WooCommerce sales worldwide – not just the US.

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Accurate tax calculation on every sale

Quaderno supports over 14,000 tax jurisdictions worldwide. That means every sale automatically has the correct local tax rate, based on your customer's location and the product category.

Tax-compliant receipts in multiple languages

Your customers receive instant, tax-compliant documentation of their purchases, localized to their own language and currency! Customers can also download receipts from the order page in your WooCommerce store.

Know your tax liability in real time

Quaderno monitors tax policies around the world and notifies you about the important stuff. If your business needs to register for sales tax, VAT or GST in a new place, you’ll get a heads up.

Instant tax reports to file returns in minutes

Finish the quarter celebrating, not number-crunching! Get all of your tax information in easy-to-read reports.

Filing on your own? You’ll be done in minutes. 
Using an advisor? Share reports with them to speed up the job. 
Need an advisor? Quaderno partners with professionals in your area.

5 minutes to worldwide tax automation

In just 5 minutes, the Quaderno tax plugin for WooCommerce starts automating your sales tax processes.

Quaderno covers your sales on other channels, too, thanks to integrations with platforms, ERP, and marketplaces like Shopify or Amazon FBA.

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“Quaderno is at the core of my business accounting and it works great when you want to get rid of all the invoice and tax hassle that comes with running an international WooCommerce store. Great support, too!”

Jerome Schön Knoot

CEO - MarketingBright