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Helping online
businesses overcome their tax compliance issues together

Partnering with Quaderno helps you improve your client experience, streamline your workflow, and reach more clients.

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Who partners with Quaderno?

Accountants & Tax Advisors

Navigating the international landscape of digital tax is frustrating and confusing. Even as a tax professional, the changes in consumption and income tax laws pose a huge issue for the productivity of your practice.

Streamline workflow

Quaderno monitors sales, tracks tax thresholds, manages compliant invoices, and even generates file-ready reports. You can focus on the profitable part of your business while Quaderno handles the rest.

Improve client experience

Partnering with Quaderno is the easiest way to manage your client’s information and provide accurate advice. Quaderno will save you hours of tedious work to verify your clients’ tax compliance, so you can focus on the more profitable and enjoyable part of your practice.

File returns in minutes

Quaderno also makes filing taxes a breeze by providing all financial data in one easy to access location (even if they sell on multiple websites or various payment platforms) and generating real-time reports for where your clients have surpassed relevant thresholds and are obligated to file.

Why partner with Quaderno?

Priority access to clients

As a Quaderno-certified partner, your firm will be positioned to receive leads from thousands of online business owners looking for assistance in the tax jurisdiction you serve.


We will pay you a 30% commission on the value of all clients you refer to Quaderno. This is only valid for new customers that have never registered at Quaderno before.

Dedicated portal for accountants

We provide you with one module to easily manage all your clients’ Quaderno accounts and download all the data you need for bookkeeping and tax filings.

Data export in the format you need

When we have more than 5 shared clients Quaderno will develop the option to export data in the format of the bookkeeping tool you use (subject to technical feasibility).

Join the program

3 easy steps to improve your client experience, streamline your workflow, and reach more clients:

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Click the button below and fill out the form with your business information


We will review your application and contact you within 2-3 business days


Enjoy the benefits as a Quaderno certified partner