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Sales Tax Calculator

Online sales tax calculator to find out sales tax by ZIP code in every US state. See your product's tax rate, amount, and final price.

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Find out the tax rate anywhere

Tax rates and amounts are for reference only. Exact calculations may change based on other details of your transaction.

How is sales tax calculated?

Sales tax is calculated as a percentage of the total taxable purchase. It’s a one-time tax charged at the point of sale to the end customer. The money goes from the consumer, to the vendor, to the government, the end.

Sales tax by state

In the US, sales tax rates are determined at the state and local levels. There is no overarching national sales tax in the US. In fact, some states don’t have sales tax at all, such as Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

If you’re selling remotely to other US states, you should check the economic nexus laws to see if you are liable for sales tax there.

Local taxes

Local sales tax rates are determined by different jurisdictions, such as the city or county. Sometimes local jurisdictions will add a temporary sales tax to raise funds for a public project, such as transportation or a cultural building.

Though local rates are generally quite low compared to state-level tax, they’re just as important to stay aware of!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should collect sales tax?

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How do I get a seller’s permit or sales tax number?

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How much is sales tax?

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When should I file sales tax returns?

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